De-Islamizing France

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Rising Conservative Star Marion Maréchal Fights for National Identity and Security (Video)
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Amy Mek
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RAIR Foundation
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5 January 2024
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National News
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Known formerly as Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, she is the niece of Marine Le Pen, leader of the Rassemblement National, and granddaughter of National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen.

In a high-profile debate on BFMTV, Marion Maréchal, the conservative candidate for the Reconquest Party in the European Union elections, engaged in a heated exchange with leftist Mathilde Panot, President of the La France Insoumise group in the National Assembly. Maréchal’s remarks focused on her concerns about illegal immigration, lack of integration, and national security, highlighting her perspective on these critical issues facing France.

Maréchal asserted, “I don’t want a civil war in my country. I want civil peace. I have children, and I know the first who will pay are… And so to avoid, of course, civil war, we must tackle the cause.” She linked the rising insecurity in France to uncontrolled immigration, stating, “This civil peace is threatened precisely by uncontrolled immigration… Behind this rise of insecurity, there is, whether you like it or not, yes, a clash of civilizations is taking place in our country.”...


Weaponized 'Prayer': Islamic Displays of Territorial Dominance (Videos), RAIR Foundation, 8 January 2024.

WOW!!! ONLY around 700 cars were torched by Muslim thugs in France on New Year’s Eve, Bare Naked Islam, 3 January 2024:

There were riots in several French cities, almost 700 cars were set on fire, and nearly 500 people were arrested on New Year’s Eve in France. However, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said in a statement that New Year’s Eve celebrations in the country had taken place “without any major incidents.”

Of course, the media no longer report that virtually all the car torchings are perpetrated by Muslim migrant ‘youths.’ 

GERMANY’S RAPE CRISIS: Nearly 9,000 women and men raped or sexually assaulted by foreigners since 2015, Bare Naked Islam, 4 January 2024.

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