Democrat Congress introduces bill to give illegal aliens taxpayer-paid Federal public benefits

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26 November 2019
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National News
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H.R.5071 — 116th Congress (2019-2020)
Official Title as Introduced:
To provide access to Federal public benefits for aliens, without regard to the immigration status of that alien, and for other purposes.
Defend Colorado Now (DCN) ...  supported an immigration reform initiative in 2006 that ultimately led to legislation being passed in a special legislative session. 
Defend Colorado Now (DCN) was formed in 2004 as to support a pro-citizen, pro-legal-immigrant amendment to the Colorado constitution to ensure non-emergency taxpayer-funded public services go only to those lawfully in Colorado.
Defend Colorado Now was a bi-partisan citizens' initiative that would amend the Colorado constitution to prevent persons unlawfully present in Colorado from receiving publicly funded services that are not required by federal law. If DCN supporters collected the required number of voter-registered signatures by August 8, 2006, and if the Colorado Supreme Court had not sabotaged the initiative process, the proposed amendment would have been placed on the ballot for voter approval in November, 2006.  
The Colorado Supreme Court, in an act of blatant judicial political activism, claimed the initiative was not single-subject and invalidated the hugely successful initiative.