Democrat-Linked Group Claims 96,000 Extra Immigrant Voters in Georgia

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Neil Munro
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Article date: 
27 August 2022
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National News
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A Democrat-backed group claims to have naturalized almost 100,000 legal immigrants in Georgia before the November elections....

The naturalization includes many Indians, who are one of the most pro-diversity, pro-Democratic immigrant blocs. “The number of newly naturalized citizens originally from India, 11,188, is nearly equal to the margin of victory during the November 2020 presidential election,” the statement said....

Georgia used to be a solidly red state. However, the growing number of legal and illegal migrants recruited by businesses has allowed the Democrats to gain state seats and to win a national Senate majority in 2021 when Georgians elected two Democrat Senators....

The business lobby has huge sway over the state GOP, which has done very little to exclude a huge number of illegal migrants — perhaps 500,000 — from the state’s jobs, housing, and schools, said D.A. King, the founder of the Dustin Inman Society. which favors immigration reforms to benefit ordinary Americans.

For example, King is now trying to get the GOP governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, to enforce a Georgia law that requires sheriffs to report jailed illegals to the federal government....

The state also automatically enrolls citizens for voting whenever they get a new driver’s license, said, King. Non-naturalized migrants need to actively opt out to avoid registering for voting, he said, adding “that is a huge part of how the Democrats  have registered so many voters.”...

“After spending the last eighteen years watching Republican voters in the monthly Saturday morning breakfasts and working in the national and state Capitols,” said King, “I can sadly report that most of the voters have no idea how their government really works.”