Democrat Says Adios America Could Be The “Common Sense” Bombshell Of Our Time

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Book review of Adios America by Ann Coulter
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Don Collins
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22 June 2015
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Our American Future
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Common Sense, published in 1776, challenged the authority of the British Crown by using plain language that appealed to ordinary people. The subtitle of author Thomas Paine’s fellow British immigrant Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation, “Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster,” was a conscious tribute.

Since 1965, the population of the USA has been doubled without a vote of its citizens. While most of us never wanted this immigration invasion, our governing elite did, and there is an entire System dedicated to silencing any dissent against open borders. It takes courage to rebel against this, but luckily we have a new Thomas Paine in the form of Ann Coulter, with Adios America serving as this generation’s Common Sense.

Now, once again, the common people are being exploited by royalty. The new aristocrats are the economic elite who control Adios, Americaour government at all levels. It is because of these plutocrats that these illegal aliens are getting a free pass and an easy path to your money, your rights, your property and your country. And Coulter is laying out the case about how this happened and what we can do about it.

Though I’m a Democrat, I loved this book...

Here’s what readers think:

The thesis of Ann Coulter’s book is simple: Since 1948, a majority of white voters have voted against Democrat Party Presidential candidates. The secular-progressives cannot win the debate amongst those of us who work and actually pay federal income taxes. With voter ID laws, Democrats, especially in places like Chicago and New Orleans, can no longer stuff ballot boxes. Instead, the Democrats want to import voters, while the owners of businesses and corporations want to import immigrants to suppress the cost of unskilled labor.

And guess who gets the bill? Middle-class America.

Coulter backs her claims with statistics. In 1970, one of every 21 people living in the U.S. were foreign born; today, one of seven people living here are foreign born. Sixty percent of legal immigrants are on some form of government assistance. Today, 20 percent of those in the U.S. speak a primary language other than English.

As a Democrat liberal, especially on social issues such as abortion choice and drug legalization, I agree with the characterization of the next Amazon reviewer that

Ann Coulter is a polemicist who is widely hated by Progressives of all parties (yes, there are plenty of Republican and Libertarian Progressives – as strange as that sounds) for the simple reason that she is both effective and very, very funny. Because she won’t pull her punches as all polite “conservatives” are consulted to do, Progressives work frantically to get her disqualified from your consideration before you listen to or read a word she says.

For Progressives, that Coulter challenges their agenda, their spin of history, and their cherished fables is enough to try to have her burned at the op-ed stake.

But Ms Coulter has handled all this for so long and so skillfully that it is all less than water off a duck’s back...

This book exposes the efforts by Progressives to dismantle America’s culture through a drastic change in who lives within America’s increasingly vague and porous borders and how they live once they are here.

She explains and demonstrates the massive changes brought about by the “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965” which was sponsored by Democrats Philip Hart of Michigan, Emanuel Celler of New York, and widely promoted and expanded over the decades by Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts...

She also examines the disastrous ”Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986” that Reagan signed into law because he was promised that the amnesty granted would be the last one because immigration would be strictly controlled and illegal immigration would be stopped...

In effect, Progressives can take all the wins they wanted but could not accomplish politically because they are unpopular (see how amnesty actually polls among all Americans and not just the Left) while pretending to support but not ever actually implementing the things most Americans want (such as control of our borders and the mandating of English as our national language). Basically, they want to repeat the 1986 swindle in modern dress.

Get this book, read it, share it, buy a few and give them as gifts, and – most of all – discuss it with friends. Of all political stripes. Heck, discuss it with some who aren’t friends and just have fun mixing it up a bit...

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