Democratic Party’s Celebration of Illegal Immigration Demonstrates Contempt for Our Laws, Charges FAIR

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FAIR - Federation for American Immigration Reform
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6 September 2012
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Press release from FAIR - Federation for American Immigration Reform (not affiliated with CAIRCO), September 4, 2012

Democratic Party's Celebration of Illegal Immigration Demonstrates Contempt for Our Laws, Charges FAIR

(Washington, D.C.) The decision to have an illegal alien address the Democratic National Convention last night [September 4, 2012] is indicative of the party leadership's efforts to delegitimize and undermine U.S. immigration laws, charged the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Benita Veliz, an illegal alien, received a rousing reception from the party faithful.

"In choosing to have someone who defiantly remains present in the United States in violation of federal law address the convention during prime time is nothing more than a celebration of lawlessness. And by celebrating illegal immigration, the Democratic Party is sending a clear message that our immigration laws are not only inconsequential, but that the people who break our laws are heroes," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "Lost in the Democrats' celebration of those who break our laws is any acknowledgement of the impact of illegal immigration on American workers and taxpayers, or the responsibility of parents who bring their kids the United States illegally."

The address by Ms. Veliz comes on the heels of President Obama's decision to grant deferred action and work authorization to millions of illegal aliens under the age of 31. These beneficiaries of the president's backdoor amnesty will compete directly with younger American workers who have been disproportionally harmed by the recession. In addition, the Obama administration openly refused on Wednesday to take action against ten illegal aliens who were arrested while protesting outside the Charlotte convention center.

"Americans do not lack compassion for people like Ms. Veliz. But they do recognize the concrete harm that the decisions made by illegal alien parents to violate our immigration laws have on the American people and legal immigrants who have played by the rules," said Stein. "Unfortunately, the Democratic Party Machine seems lacking in compassion for the people our immigration laws are supposed to protect, and are instead using illegal aliens to segment the electorate and pander to narrow interests in hopes of cobbling together an electoral majority.

"The American people have seen an unprecedented assault on our immigration laws over the past three and a half years. The decision by the Democratic Party to applaud and celebrate illegal immigration at their national convention is a clear indication of the party's intent to eliminate the last vestiges of distinction between those who are lawful members of our nation and those crash our gates," Stein concluded.


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