Democrats for Immigration Fraud

Article author: 
Mark Krikorian
Article publisher: 
National Review Online
Article date: 
11 October 2014
Article category: 
National News
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Cylvia Hayes, Oregon’s “First Lady” (Democrat governor John Kitzhaber’s girlfriend), has confessed to engaging in immigration fraud by entering into a sham marriage, for money, with an Ethiopian teenager in 1997 to enable him to get a green card. Hayes isn’t just the governor’s squeeze; she’s a political consultant who’s “taken an active role in . . . developing the governor’s energy and environmental policy.” No word yet on whether the Ethiopian man (yes, kids, back then it had to be a man) has been arrested and deported yet; his name is Abraham B. Abraham, he lives in the Washington, D.C., area, and can now be stripped of his green card or even citizenship and deported whenever the government rouses itself to respond to his lies. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for Hayes’s felonies has passed.

But Hayes isn’t the only Democratic operative who’s been exposed as an immigration liar and criminal this year. New York State assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa pled guilty in June to entering into a sham marriage for $8,000 to launder her status; she was an illegal alien from the Dominican Republic. And immigration lawyer Bonnie Youn, honored by the White House as a “Champion of Change,” was indicted for a number of felonies, including “obtaining legal status for a client in this country by filing false documents with the United States Government, and encouraging them to lie to federal agents.”

Of course, Democrats and immigration fraud have gone together for a long time. Two of President Clinton’s nominees for attorney general were revealed to have knowingly employed illegal nannies. And many now forget Citizenship USA, an effort by the INS in the mid-90s to streamline the naturalization process, which was hijacked by the Clinton White House to jam through as many new citizens as possible before the 1996 election ...

So it’s not just that Democrats want to loosen the immigration laws; many of them want to ignore the laws if they can’t get them changed. Kind of like Obama, in announcing his lawless amnesty for millions of illegals. Except that he can’t be prosecuted ...