The Democrats are threatening a brazen and naked power grab.

They warn of abolishing the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the Senate filibuster and ridiculously giving Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico statehood.

Abolishing the Electoral College, established in Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution, would effectively allow California and New York to choose every president, disenfranchising half the country, especially those in red and purple states.

Packing the Supreme Court, as FDR unsuccessfully tried, is an attempt to circumvent the elected legislative branch, robbing citizens of their lawmaking power.

Eliminating the filibuster would destroy the deliberative nature of the Senate, silencing the voices and wishes of 49% of the country.

Giving D.C. statehood would give one city with population of just 600,000 the same voting power as North Carolina. D.C. and Puerto Rico are assuredly Democratic, granting Democrats new, unearned and illicit legislative power.

This is a frenzied lust for power from Democrats, who cannot win elections or pass laws within the established and accepted structure, and who want to legislate from the bench, rather than follow and interpret written law.

If Democrats cannot legally enact their more radical ideas, they will shamelessly cheat and change the rules.