Democrats Win Major Concessions on Vote-by-Mail from North Carolina in ‘Consent Decree’

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Geller Report
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24 September 2020
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National News
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Why is this being allowed? This is the forth battleground state (MI, PA, WI are the other three) in which the Democrats have been able to extend vote counting beyond the November 3rd election. The Dems are setting the stage for a contested election. In fact, Team Biden has hired an army of 600 lawyers to force the courts to decide the result of the election. This is why it is so important that President Trump fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court immediately.

This fight will go to the Supreme Court. As such, President Trump must have a conservative majority to prevent the Dems from stealing the election on behalf of Joe Biden. President Trump better lawyer up in a big way....

Democrats Win Major Concessions on Vote-by-Mail from North Carolina in ‘Consent Decree’, Breitbart, September 23, 2020:

Democrats won major concessions on Tuesday from state election authorities in North Carolina, who agreed to their demands to relax the rules on mail-in ballots.

In an agreement filed with the courts in North Carolina, the plaintiffs — a coalition of Democrat-aligned interest groups — agreed to settle their lawsuit against the state in return for allowing ballots to be counted up to nine days after Election Day; allowing voters to “cure” problems with submitted ballots; and creating ballot “drop-off” stations....

Several other recent cases that were otherwise favorable to Democrats specifically rejected a special “cure” process, including the most recent judgment in a federal court in Wisconsin.

The North Carolina “cure” process will allow voters to re-submit ballots after Election Day. It is described as follows in the consent decree...

The consent decree also appears to allow “ballot harvesting” by third parties, requiring only that they provide an address and phone number when they return someone else’s ballot.

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, the Democrats Plan to Cheat - The Republican-controlled legislatures of both states need to find it within themselves to decide they are the ones who legislate, not the judicial branch, by Ned Ryun, September 22, 2020.