Demography STILL Destiny: How White, Black, and Hispanic Conservatives Voted in 2016

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21 November 2019
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Our American Future
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... people who think the same way, sharing conservative positions on various things, vote in radically different ways–depending on their race and ethnicity. The following graphs show how (non-Hispanic) whites, (non-Hispanic) blacks, and Hispanics with politically conservative opinions on a host of issues voted in the 2016 US presidential election (N = 824):

White conservative voting in 2016 election


Black conservative voting in 2016 election


Hispanic conservative voting in the 2016 election


CAIRCO notes

A quick examination of the above charts reveals what the Democrat party has put into policy: demography IS destiny.

The Democrat party wants unending mass immigration which will result in an eventual voting bias for big government (socialist) programs espoused by the Democrat party.

The Republican party supports the Democrat party's agenda because of the immense amount of cheap labor it provides.

A Conservative American Nationalist party ... doesn't exist.


Race and immigration - the final taboo