Density Cometh to California

Article author: 
Karys Rhea
Article publisher: 
The American Mind
Article date: 
10 December 2021
Article category: 
National News
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Though many Americans already suspect that California is on its way to becoming a socialist hellhole, they probably would be surprised to hear about the Golden State’s latest affirmative step toward that end. Driven by the ideology of “diversity and inclusion,” Governor Gavin Newsom has stripped away the power of citizens to govern the fate of their own communities in an unprecedented usurpation of power to central planning.

Immediately after Newsom reigned victorious in California’s recall election, he pushed through controversial Senate Bills 9 and 10 in a supposed effort to create more “affordable housing.” These laws override the freedom of the people and their representatives to create their own zoning laws, a power fundamental to how Americans shape their neighborhoods through local government.

More than 500 California towns now have a state-mandated quota to build a certain number of housing units by a certain date, divided by income levels. Under these new laws, any property, even a mere 1,500 square foot house, may be converted from a single-family home into a quadplex—essentially a 4-unit apartment building— and there is no limit on how many conversions could occur in a given precinct....

This added density will put an unprecedented strain on infrastructure resources such as water and electricity, which California can barely deliver to its residents as it is....

But there is a deeper issue at work here, namely, the revocation of local rights through a demagogic mandate that threatens free enterprise and the liberties associated with it....

The fight is already on its way to the courts, but any public opposition to these laws is labeled “white supremacy” or “racism.”...

Obama attempted to force-feed a similar program on a federal level, which failed....