Denver Mayor Defunding Police, Fire Depts to Pay for More Illegal Alien Services

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15 April 2024
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Colorado News
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Denver Mayor Mike Johnston proposes defunding the city’s police and fire departments to put more cash to house and care for illegals as the city continues to drown in a wave of illegal aliens and the costs wash over the Mile High City like a tidal wave.

The city is not only increasing its spending on free food, clothing, medical care, and housing, among other things, it is also spending for programs on job counseling, language instruction, and other job training resources for migrants.

According to Mayor Johnston, “The program also includes access to language instruction, career pathway explorations, industry-recognized credential training and work-based learning opportunities,” OANN News reported on Friday.

This newest suite of training programs for illegals is part of Johnston’s proposed $89.9 million in spending for migrants.

But according to the Denver Police and Fire Departments, some of this new spending Johnston wants to indulge is coming from their budgets...