Deportation Relief Seen As More Important Than Pathway to Citizenship

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Pew Hispanic Trends Project
Article date: 
25 January 2014
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National News
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While lopsided majorities of Hispanics and Asian Americans support creating a pathway to citizenship [amnesty] for unauthorized immigrants [illegal aliens], two new surveys also show that these groups believe it is more important for unauthorized immigrants to get relief from the threat of deportation...

Percent who say... is more important for undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] living in the U.S.:


        Relief from Deportation: 55%        A pathway to citizenship: 35%.

Asian Americans:

        Relief from Deportation: 49%         A pathway to citizenship: 44%.



These data bring to light several important points:

1. Illegal aliens are much more interested in not being deported to their home countries than they are in gaining US citizenship. As vividly elucidated by an illegal alien in the documentary They Come to America, illegal aliens come here to make money - Americans are chumps for allowing illegal aliens to take American jobs.

2. Democrats want an legalization for undocumented democrats - illegal aliens who will overwhelmingly vote Democratic. Republican leadership ("Conservative, Inc.") want to help the Democrats obtain an amnesty for future Democratic voters. Yet illegal aliens themselves aren't interested.

3. Only 3% of Americans Rank Immigration Reform as Top Priority. Any party that supports amnesty for illegal aliens is blatantly disregarding the core interests of Americans.