Desert rescue beacons let illegal aliens call for help

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3 May 2014
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National News
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...The [Border Patrol] agency unveiled its plans Wednesday for dealing with the problem of immigrants [illegal aliens] dying in the desert, including 10 new beacons that allow migrants to call for help at the push of a red button. The agency is also adding new hoisting systems on helicopters to rescue immigrants [illegal aliens].

Officials from the Tucson sector on Wednesday gave reporters, government officials and immigration activists [open borders activists] a demonstration of the latest tools they have to assist those who cross from Mexico into Arizona and get injured or dehydrated and cannot continue walking. The demonstration was held 20 miles north of the Sasabe port of entry to Mexico, southwest of Tucson...

The border patrol says it sees a steep increase in calls for help coming from its 22 beacons as the summer approaches...

The beacons are 30-feet-tall and solar powered. They have sun reflectors and blue lights on top that are visible for 10 miles. The beacons have signs in three languages that direct users to push a red button that sends out a signal for help. Response times vary from 10 minutes to an hour depending on where the nearest agents are located.

Agents found 194 bodies and rescued 802 people in the desert in fiscal year 2013. There have been about 38 deaths this year, Tucson sector chief Manuel Padilla, Jr., said. The Tucson sector covers 262 miles along the Arizona-Mexico border...




Here are a Map and pictures of illegal alien invasion routes on the road to Sasabe, Arizona, taken by Fred Elbel in 2004. Here are more pictures of the illegal alien invasion into the United States.

Back in 2004, citizens placed illegal aid stations for illegal aliens on US Bureau of Land Management land (photos included). Now, the US Border patrol is aiding and abetting illegal aliens sneaking into the United States. 

There's nothing immoral about trying to save lives. However, the appropriate solution to preventing deaths of idiots who cross the 120 degree desert in the summertime is simple: complete construction of the US-Mexico border fence.

It should be noted that those who try to sneak across Mexico's southern border aren't given water and aid along the way. If they are apprehended, they are returned to their home country, usually after a sound beating.