Despite Globalist Intimidation, Japan Moves Ahead With Refugee Restriction Bill

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12 May 2023
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National News
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Globohomo has long been on the warpath against Japan, perhaps the only wealthy nation-state in the First World that has maintained its ethnic, linguistic, and cultural unity by avoiding mass immigration and the ensuing societal collapse that inevitably accompanies it. Whether it is refugees, cheap foreign labor, or family-based immigration, Japan rejects it all and carefully chooses the few immigrants it admits. Japan’s leaders are very cognizant of the power and intent of the globalist Great Replacement occurring in Canada, Australia, Western Europe, and the United States. Japan deals with the nation-killers in its own fashion—not with direct confrontation, but with jiu-jitsu. A recent example of resistance: a bill that tightens restrictions on “refugees,” although it’s been widely reported as doing the opposite.

Perhaps the most infuriating aspect of Globohomo’s war against Japan: its immigration policies differ little from those of any other non-Western country. Most outside of Western Europe and the Anglosphere practice policies akin to that of Japan. Just try and get legal residency in Mexico, Thailand, or either of the Chinas. None allow nation-busting mass immigration. And the few permanent immigrants allowed to enter and reside in those nations are required to work and assimilate or leave.

Thus it is with Japan...

Patriots understandably worry that Japan will submit... and open its borders...

The Japanese have a fight on their hands. One must pray they resist...