DHS: ONLY 2 Miles of Border Wall Being Constructed Every Week

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Epoch Times
Article date: 
22 June 2019
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National News
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About two miles of border wall are being built per week right now, according to Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan.
“[It’s] coming along aggressively,” he told President Donald Trump during a meeting at the White House on June 12. “By the end of next year, over 400 miles [will be built].”...
Ground excavation is underway in Otay Mesa in the San Diego Sector, CBP said on June 11. The 14 miles of new wall will act as a secondary barrier. It will be 30 feet high and “will be outfitted with smart detection technology that keeps Border Patrol agents safe while deterring illicit cross-border activity,” CBP wrote on Twitter....
The majority of the new wall is augmenting existing barrier or replacing existing, unsuitable wall, such as that made from recycled scraps of metal and old landing mat built in the 1990s....
Around 654 miles of border fence existed along the almost-2,000-mile border with Mexico before Trump assumed office—about 354 miles of pedestrian barrier and 300 miles of vehicle barrier....

All new border-wall construction comes with all-weather roads, lighting, enforcement cameras, and other related technology....

In his fight for border-wall funding, Trump refused to sign a spending bill last December because it failed to include his requested funding. A record-setting 35-day government shutdown ensued....

Congress is voting next week on a $4.5 billion emergency appropriations package that Homeland Security requested on May 1 to help deal with the humanitarian needs it’s encountering with the huge numbers coming in....


1. If 2 miles of new border wall are being constructed, the implication is that it will take 19 years to complete the wall.

2,000 miles of southern border / 2 miles per week - 1,000 weeks. 1,000 weeks / 52 weeks per year = 19.2 years.

This is simply unacceptable, yet this is what Congress wants.


2. Congress is planning on spending $4.5 billion for emergency services for illegal aliens who snuck in to America because Congress refused to spend $5 billion for the wall.

This is absolutely insane!

Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.
- Mark Twain