DHS: One-in-Ten DACA Migrants Have an Arrest Record

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17 November 2019
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National News
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Roughly 80,000 DACA migrants, or one-in-ten, have an arrrest record, says an updated report from the Department of Homeland Security.
“The release of this report reflects the agency’s ongoing focus on transparency,” said a Saturday statement from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It continued. The report shows the arrest rate among the 888,818 migrants who requested DACA status, and the arrest rate among the 765,166 migrants who received the DACA work-permits and no-deportation cards:...

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DACA Requestors with an IDENT Response, USCIS, November 2019 Update

Nearly 80,000 immigrants approved for DACA have arrest records, USCIS report finds, Fox News, November 17, 2019:

  *The report finds that of the nearly 889,000 applicants for the DACA program, 110,000 had arrest records. Of the more than 765,000 approved for DACA, 79,398 had arrest records. Of that number, 67,861 were arrested before their most recent DACA approval, while 15,903 were arrested after their most recent approval.

  *The offenses incurred by DACA requestors who were arrested before their most recent approval include battery (3,421), assault (3,308), burglary, breaking and entering (1,471), rape (62), murder (15) and theft or larceny (7,926). The largest population arrested were suspected of driving-related offenses excluding DUIs...