Divisive Societal Collectivism: a Primary Driver of Total Control

Article author: 
Gary D. Barnett
Article publisher: 
American thinker
Article date: 
28 May 2023
Article category: 
Our American Future
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The might of the State relies exclusively on the destruction of the individual, and participation, acceptance, allowance, and support of State as god, by the collective members of ‘society,’ who have succumbed to the State’s efforts to divide them into a multitude of groups at odds with every other group...

Without this gross division of society, the individual and individuals en masse, would reign supreme, and the ruling class and government would become politically impotent.. The history of all politics, government, and rule, is one of unbridled authority, theft, perversion, organized crime, power, control, and mass murder. It is not, and never has been, any endeavor to ‘serve’  the people, but only to serve the State or personal and business desires...

Consider the deranged divisive nature of this population today. It is one of black against white, men against women, democrat against republican, the religious against the secular, confused and unhinged ‘transgenders’ against everybody, the reality of biology against stupidity,  neo-Marxists against children and all white males, tradition against postmodernism, and race against race... 

This is not the natural progression of all mankind... The only way for this utter madness to have become normalized, is for people to have abandoned the idea of the individual and individual sovereignty, and accepted societal collectivism, which can only bring about mass ignorance and division...

Children are being bombarded with lies, and are being targeted by government and private institutions, in order to force the heinous notion that they should all respect ‘transgender’ identities, and should accept that they may all be confused about their own gender... Societal collectivism in the midst of this divisive atmosphere, whether fomented by the State or not, and accepted by the illiterate herd; is the epitome of unintelligible stupidity, and can only lead to self-destruction....


War on the American Republic