Do Americans Really Want Diversity?

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Gregory Hood
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American Renaissance
Article date: 
20 May 2019
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Our American Future
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"Americans See Advantages and Challenges in Country’s Growing Racial and Ethnic Diversity" is the newest Pew Research Center report on race. “Americans have a complicated, even contradictory, set of views about the impact of diversity,” says the report, but the truth is simpler: Most Americans say one thing but do another.
Large majorities of every race—even whites—say "racial and ethnic diversity is very good for the country."... They also say racial and ethnic diversity has a “positive impact” on the culture....
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But almost 75 percent of respondents (including 78 percent of whites and 90 percent of Republicans) think employers should consider only a person’s qualifications, even if it means less diversity. Even 62 percent of Democrats agree.... 
Most Americans also think students should attend local schools, even if it means most schools are not diverse....
About two-thirds of Americans are satisfied with the level of diversity in their community. In the least diverse neighborhoods (meaning more than 90 percent white) about 70 percent are satisfied with the level of diversity. (Five percent want it even less diverse).
However, about three-in-four whites in the most diverse neighborhoods (where there is no majority of any group and whites are a minority) are also satisfied with the level of diversity, and about 70 percent of whites in communities with other levels of diversity are satisfied....
Americans are endlessly lectured that “diversity is our strength,” but few believe it.
Just seven percent (9 percent of Democrats and 3 percent of Republicans) think diversity makes it easier for policymakers to solve problems. A plurality of Americans—and most whites—say it makes it harder. Most blacks think it doesn’t make much difference and Hispanics are split....
Most mainstream conservatives and even some liberals would probably support an attack on affirmative action.
Official English could also be popular. Almost half of white Republicans say it bothers them to hear a foreign language in public, and more than a third of all whites agree....


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