Video: documentary blows the lid off illegal immigration

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Fox News
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21 August 2012
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Our American Future
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They Come to America by Dennis Michael Lynch is a new documentary on the illegal alien invasion.

"The film focuses on the human and financial costs of illegal immigration. We filmed over the span of 14-months (Oct 2010 - Nov 2011) and journeyed through many states including but not limited to Arizona, Illinois, Florida, DC, New York and Colorado. The debates, events, people, and places we captured on film is simply amazing. When it comes to the topic of illegal immigration, this is a first-of-its-kind film.

They Come to America is anything but politically correct. There is no slant to the left or right.

As a film maker, I believe we made a well-produced film that exposes the truth, and the truth is illegal immigration is the biggest problem this country faces in the years to come. It is a crime, and it comes at a tremendous human and financial cost to both Americans and illegals immigrants."

"Once you start watching, you won't want to stop." - Brian Kilmeade, Fox & Friends. Watch this four minute video report by Fox News: Documentary blows the lid off illegal immigration.


If you would like to buy the DVD, you can order three for $20. See the film website:


The video They Come To America II has now been released as a follow-up to the original documentary.