Don’t Let Chis Christie’s Tough Guy Fool You - He’s Terrible On Immigration And Protecting American Workers

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Washington Watcher
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20 January 2016
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National News
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...As I and others at have emphasized over and over again, Trump’s base is not ultraconservative Tea Partiers who hate the GOP Establishment for not cutting Medicare spending. Trump does well amongst virtually all Republican demographics but, as Josh Kraushaar has noted, he is strongest among the “more moderate, more secular, more blue-collar” voters [The Crackup of the Republican Establishment, National Journal, October 19, 2015] Cruz, in contrast, depends heavily from conservative and evangelical voters.

This is not to say that Trump and Cruz are not also competing for many of the same voters. While Cruz is running a traditional Tea Party campaign, he has also echoed Trump’s positions on trade and immigration—going as far as to say he would appoint Trump to build the wall and negotiate trade deals. Cruz has managed to gain support of many hardline conservative immigration patriots like Tom Tancredo and Steve King who likely would be otherwise inclined to support Trump...
But despite these similarities in style and appeal, it’s vital to realize that on the key issue of immigration, Christie and Trump could not be more different...
But there is an unfortunate complication: Christie’s recent tough rhetoric on immigration completely contradicts his longstanding pro-Amnesty career.
Thus while Christie repeatedly harps back to his career as a prosecutor and speaks out against sanctuary cities, he actually tried to force cities to be sanctuaries against their will...
Christie opposed Arizona’s SB 1070...
Yet Christie was quite prepared to addressing illegal immigration on the state level when it came to granting in state tuition for illegal aliens. He surrounded himself with illegal aliens, Democratic politicians, and Hispanic ethnic lobbyists from the Latino Leadership Alliance when he signed the NJ Dream Act...
Yet on the biggest immigration issue that faced our country over the last few years: the Gang of 8 Amnesty, he refused to say whether he supported the bill—or a path to citizenship...