Donald Trump’s Merit Immigration Reform Saves $1 Trillion by 2027, Says Study

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Neil Munro
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15 August 2017
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National News
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President Donald Trump’s merit immigration reform will save $1 trillion in various taxpayer-funded welfare and aid programs, says a cautious report by the Heritage Foundation.

The $1 trillion cost-saving generates a $3,000 saving for each American, and it is gained by halving one decade’s inflow of unskilled immigrants who will be dependent on taxpayer aid during their working years and in their old age.

Heritage’s 75-year estimate uses the data and analysis validated in September 2016 by the prestigious National Academics of Sciences. The academies’ September 2016 report — prepared by a panel of pro-immigration experts — showed that low-skill immigrants are very expensive for taxpayers. They are so expensive that American taxpayers are virtually depositing at least $140,000 in a bank at 3 percent interest as soon as each low-skill migrant arrives, the NAS panel said.