Donald Trump’s Pick For Top Economic Adviser Is Pro-Immigration, Pro-Outsourcing

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10 April 2017
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National News
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President Donald Trump has picked an economic advisor who believes in growing the nation’s economy by importing workers and consumers, and by expanding free-trade outsourcing, despite Trump’s “buy  American, hire American” campaign promises.

Kevin Hassett is slated to become chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors if he is approved by the Senate’s banking committee. If Hassett is confirmed, that will be a win for the corporatist, business-first faction in Trump’s White House, which fights for influence in the Oval Office against the populist, America-first faction that helped Trump win the election in November.

The Axios news site used three bullet points to describe what the views held by Hassett, formerly an economist at the American Enterprise Institute...

The Financial Times said Hassett’s pick shows “nationalist forces have lost some ground when it comes to the economic advice reaching the president.” The Financial Times, in fact, used Hassett’s words to reveal his stance on issues...

Breitbart News reported last year about a study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine:

“Deep in the report, but not in the press release, it shows how each new unskilled immigrant costs state and local taxpayers $1,600 per year. It shows how the annual cost of legal and illegal immigration to state and local taxpayer is at least $57 billion, and that each unskilled immigrant is a net loss to taxpayers for the next 75 years.”

The same study also showed how cheap-labor immigration cuts salaries and shifts wealth towards investors and company owners:

The jargon-filled, much-caveated, 495-page report does show the information needed to measure how legal and illegal immigration transfers $500 billion a year from the wages paid to working-Americans towards companies, Wall Street investors and to new immigrants. But the report does not provide a dollar figure for the ‘immigration tax.’

Immigration also provides companies with a huge new source of consumers, many of whom rely on welfare payments. For example, immigrants now comprise one-in-seven Americans, sharply increasing annual sales by retail stores, groceries, entertainment companies, and much else...