Donald Trump Lays Out Evidence of Mail-In Voting Fraud

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28 September 2020
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National News
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President Donald Trump laid out the evidence of mail-in voter fraud for reporters at a White House press conference on Sunday.

“We are gravely concerned about the Democrat assault on election integrity,” Donald Trump said.

The president cited the following stories, questioning the integrity and stability of the mail-in voting process:

  1. In Brooklyn, 25 percent of mail-in ballots were ruled invalid during the June Democrat primary.
  2. In a New Jersey special election, nearly 20 percent of the ballots were thrown out, and four people are being prosecuted for fraud.
  3. In a Florida primary, more than 35,000 mail-in ballots were rejected, and over 100,000 ballots were rejected in California.
  4. In Pennsylvania’s primary, half of the counties were still counting ballots a week after the election.
  5. The story of discarded military ballots discovered in Pennsylvania, many of them were cast for Trump.
  6. Reports in Wisconsin of three trays of mail containing absentee ballots were found in a ditch.
  7. In North Carolina, voters reported receiving two ballots in the mail.

The president also revisited the disastrous results of the 2020 Democrat Iowa caucuses....