Drug cartels at the border trying to ‘exploit’ coronavirus crisis, CBP chief says

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Interesting to note that  illegal narcotics killed 68,000 people last year, so equal with Covid this year.  Perhaps we should lock down the borders.
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Adam Shaw
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Fox News
Article date: 
16 May 2020
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National News
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Drug cartels and trafficking networks at the southern border are seeking to exploit the coronavirus crisis for their own profit, as the administration is seizing enormous amounts of deadly narcotics, the head of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told Fox News ...

According to CBP figures, overall seizures of the four major drugs -- cocaine, fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine -- were all up in April, including a 27 percent increase in methamphetamines, and a four percent increase in fentanyl...

“Effective border security is an intertwined and complex set of threats. We must understand who and what is coming across our borders, and we must have the ability and tools to prevent those people and goods from being introduced into the U.S. that could do us harm,” Morgan said. “Whether it’s illegal narcotics that killed 68,000 people last year or the threat of an infectious disease coming across our borders, it’s all equally important to our national security. Border security is more important now than ever.” ...