Dutch Government Military to Quash Massive Freedom Demos Led by Farmers

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Geller Report
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13 March 2023
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National News
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... And the American media have censored and ignored this massive freedom movement.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied in Prague to protest inflation and the government’s support for Ukraine. Concurrently, thousands of Dutch farmers protested in The Hague against the government’s policies limiting nitrogen emissions.

The Dutch government plans on seizing 3000 farms to meet climate goals....

The farmers are saying NO....

More than 10,000 Dutch farmers protested in The Hague on Saturday against the government’s plans to limit nitrogen emissions.

The protests took place ahead of the March 15 provincial elections, which will indirectly select members of the national parliament’s upper house and could have an effect on proposals for reducing nitrate pollution. Farmers claim ‘there is no nitrogen problem’...

The protesters carried banners reading “No farmers, no food,” and, “There is no nitrogen ‘problem'” during the peaceful demonstration organized by the Farmers’ Defence Force group....