EID al-Adha - barbaric Islamic slaughter of fully-conscious animals

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Today begins the happiest time of the year for Muslims - EID al-Adha
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Bare Naked Islam
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31 July 2020
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National News
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On Eid al-Adha, beginning the evening of August 10th, the throats of tied-up, fully-conscious animals are slit, usually without cutting the spinal cord (as Kosher slaughter requires), because that would alleviate the animal’s pain. You see, Muslims believe that the longer the animal writhes in pain while he is slowly dying, the more the panic hormones are released, which makes the meat taste better.
The ritualistic slaughter is done to commemorate the story of what Muslims call the prophet Abraham, who was asked by God in a dream to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience. As Abraham was about to act, God instead bestowed upon him a sheep to kill in his son’s place. So now Muslims (not just butchers) celebrate by cutting the the throats of live animals in the streets, in stadiums, in parks, at homes, where large groups of Muslims and their kids gather to watch the bloodletting festivities....