Empowering Mexican Cartels With Biden’s Open Border...

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Empowering Mexican Cartels With Biden’s Open Border Is Even Worse Than You Think
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16 October 2022
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National News
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Mexico’s paramilitary armies have an unprecedented amount of military-grade weaponry, paid for by millions of illegal border crossers.

Mexico is a war zone again. But anyone who believes that’s just Mexico’s problem, think again; American national interests are at unprecedented risk.

Cartels’ smuggling syndicates are at each other’s throats along Mexico’s northern border and in Pacific states known as the Tierra Caliente (Hot Zone) as Mexico sends in its military. The warfare has left hundreds dead and whole city blocks scorched, vehicles burning, and citizens taking shelter from hours-long gun-battles. Millions of Mexicans are readying for worse to come.

But so too should Americans. Because, unlike past drug war conflicts in Mexico, the paramilitary armies are swollen like never before with military-grade weaponry bought and paid for by millions of foreign nationals who answered the siren call of President Joe Biden’s open-doors border over the last 20 months, paying cartels huge amounts of money to cross into the United States. The cartels’ growing arsenals and Mount Everest-sized piles of new cash may inalterably compromise Mexico’s central and state governments like never before....

Dare anyone finally say this aloud, but: the more militarily powerful the cartels become compared to Mexico’s military, the more likely they will feel free to press a thumb down on the 212 million barrels of Mexican heavy crude oil the U.S. imported in 2021, and nearly a million barrels a day now. Perhaps, for any number of petty reasons of their own — say the U.S. incarcerates a beloved drug-trafficking relative — vengeful paramilitary overlords might want to meddle in Mexico’s huge auto part export business upon which American car makers heavily depend....

For the first time in memory, reporting indicates that human smuggling had become a multi-billion-dollar business in 2021 and may even have surpassed drug smuggling proceeds in 2022....


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