The Endless DACAthalon—And How Serious Countries Handle Immigration

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John Derbyshire
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Article date: 
8 January 2018
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National News
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... As I’ve been reporting, there are two issues in play here: Funding the government, and resolving the DACA business—those 800,000 illegal aliens who were given temporary work permits, probably illegally, by Barack Obama … and who are not, by the way, to be confused with “Dreamers.” “Dreamers” are illegals who would have been beneficiaries of the DREAM Act, except that Congress has never been able to pass it. There would have been two million of them.

The two issues, DACA and funding the government, have two different deadlines for congressional action. For funding the government, Congress has to pass a law before midnight January 19th, two weeks from this last Friday. For DACA the deadline is March 5th, eight and a half weeks from Friday, when President Trump’s extension of Obama’s (probably unconstitutional) order expires.

That second one isn’t really a deadline inasmuch as if Congress does nothing, Obama’s order just expires, and beneficiaries of it become regular illegal aliens, subject to deportation and with no legal right to work...

The President, too, seems to have convinced himself, or been convinced, that the DACA illegals have to be amnestied...

Thwarting President Trump’s immigration reforms—a border wall, an end to chain migration and the “diversity visa lottery“—on behalf of illegals is another matter. Democrats and Open-Borders Republicans are now working hard on that...

I’m going to repeat my prediction of two weeks ago. We shall end up, sometime before March 5th, with a bill giving amnesty to the DACA illegals in return for an end to the “diversity visa” lottery and a new paint scheme for the border posts.

In contrast... serious countries enforce their laws.

Exhibit A: Israel. The President of that country, Benjamin Netanyahu, refers to illegal aliens as “infiltrators.” Which beats “undocumented immigrant”! Israel’s illegals mostly come from East Africa, Eritrea and Somalia. Five years ago, the numbers had reached 60,000, bringing with them the usual elevated levels of crime.

That’s when Israel put up a big beautiful wall across the Sinai Desert, cutting infiltration from Africa to zero...

Exhibit B: Japan. Japan is actually loosening up on immigration; but that’s relative. They’ve set up a strict points-based system, like Canada’s, for highly-skilled foreigners to get permanent residence...

Again, these are serious countries with real governments looking after their citizens.