Enforcement before amnesty: Opposing view

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House speaker's immigration plan will repeat failure of 1986 bill
Article author: 
Drew Ryun and Daniel Horowitz
Article publisher: 
USA Today
Article date: 
4 February 2014
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National News
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House speaker's immigration plan will repeat failure of 1986 [amnesty] bill.

The broad consensus on enforcement includes the need for a border fence, a workable visa-tracking system, better interior enforcement, and an elimination of the magnets that attract illegal immigrants, such as blocking access to American jobs and welfare programs.

Yet, the House Republican leaders who supposedly support these policies insist that we must grant amnesty before we implement enforcement.

Washington already tried this approach in 1986, and it failed...

...Congress plans to grant broad amnesty and citizenship to a large group of illegal immigrants who came to this country as children.

This plan is yet another recipe for disaster and will repeat the perennial cycle of open borders and amnesty engendered by the 1986 bill...

An amnesty-first approach with promises of enforcement later has already been tried. It failed. Now it's time for Washington to put the American worker and taxpayer before lawbreakers and special interests...