Europe: A Stick in the Eye for the Soft Invasion

Article author: 
Christopher Hart
Article publisher: 
Taki's Magazine
Article date: 
1 June 2014
Article category: 
National News
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For the first time in 100 years, a British national election has been won by a party other than Conservative or Labor. Conservative: 24%; Labor: 25%; UKIP: 27%. It’s an historic result.
...This isn’t the General Election, which decides the national government for the next five years or so. This is the election of our representatives to the European Parliament: that joke institution of faceless tax-and-spend bureaucrats who can issue 20,000-word directives on correct practices concerning hazelnuts. (No, I’m not making this up.)
... But this election has become a mighty protest vote, a cry of anger from the people, against the EU. And it’s the same story across Europe. The anti-EU, anti-immigration French National Front won 26% of the votes, the Danish People’s Party another 26%, Austria’s Freedom Party 20%.
The victors in Britain are UKIP—the UK Independence Party. They are led by the charismatic, beer-drinking, cigarette-smoking Nigel Farage, who likes to portray himself as a man of the people...
He was suggesting that not all foreigners are equal! The liberal lapdog media declared him finished—but people supported him all the more. They agreed that some foreigners are likely to be more civilized than others, but were too scared to say so out loud, for fear of hate crime charges from the thought police....
If our next-door neighbors are Somalian, Afghan, Nigerian, or Pakistani, they are statistically more likely to remove their wives’ clitorises, to murder their daughters for being seen with a white English boy, to think that 9/11 or our own 7/7 bombings were a fine idea, or to behead a British soldier in a London street (see “Drummer Lee Rigby, death of”). Not all Muslims are terrorists, no; but almost all terrorists these days are Muslims.
The people of Britain do not feel, on the whole, that these new features of our national life have “enriched” us. And certain stripes in our happy-clappy multi-culti rainbow are directly at odds with each other. Our left-liberal establishment is pressing ahead with gay marriage, for instance: two gentlemen will walk up the aisle, and walk back down again as husband and wife. How is a traditional Muslim family supposed to “integrate,” to feel at home, in such a society? Have our leaders quite thought this one through?...
A vote against the EU is the only way a European voter today can vote against mass immigration, because the EU is all for it. Of all the dangerous pipe dreams of this this sclerotic, undemocratic, toxic socialist superstate, none has been more destructive than its Open Borders policy...
Our democracy is in a strange state, and our future as a nation and a people is at grave risk, but at least, for now, it seems that we can vote for a party that represents what we want. Nearly a third of us see immigration as the biggest divisional issue, and want above all for Britain to remain largely, ethnically British.
Such a desire is not racist in any meaningful sense. Viewing another ethnic group as intrinsically inferior is racist. Massacring 800,000 members of a slightly different-looking neighboring tribe with machetes is racist. China’s conduct toward Tibet is underpinned by profound racism, and both European and Arabic enslavement of black Africans over many centuries was racist.
But for an Englishman to say that he likes his country the way it is, and wants it to stay that way, for his children, and his children’s children, is not racist...