Facebook Bans President Trump for Two Years; Twitter Bans Trump for Life

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John Hinderaker
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Article date: 
28 May 2021
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National News
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After the mostly-peaceful demonstrations in Washington last January 6, Facebook and Instagram suspended President Trump’s accounts. He appealed to Facebook’s Oversight Board, which upheld the suspension but said it should have a time limit. Today Facebook responded by decreeing that Trump is off its platforms for two years, and after that, they will see.
Facebook’s suspension was based on two posts that President Trump did on January 6. Both called for peace. This is the first:...
Facebook is a Democratic Party platform, so it is unconcerned by sympathy expressed for rioters that comes from the Left....
It is not hard to understand what is going on here. Facebook, like Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and other Big Tech companies, has thrown in its lot with the Democratic Party. Facebook will do everything it can to help Democrats win elections...
So Facebook’s treatment of President Trump needs to be seen in the context of a great deal of corruption and of enormous economic interests that, to your detriment, will be protected by the “Biden administration.”
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