The FBI Must Be Held Accountable for Russiagate

Article author: 
Paul Craig Roberts
Article publisher: 
Lew Rockwell
Article date: 
15 May 2023
Article category: 
National News
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The long awaited US Justice Department “Russiagate” report by Special Counsel John Durham exonerated President Donald Trump from false charges and performed the important public service of making law and order conservatives aware that their beloved FBI is a criminal agency that created a false narrative for the purpose of discrediting President Trump and preventing him from reducing the dangerous tensions between the two main nuclear powers by normalizing relations with Russia. Trump’s intent would have taken away the Russian enemy necessary to the budgets and power of the US military/security complex...

Durham’s 300-page report confirms what Trump said from the beginning that Russiagate was a FBI witch hunt completely devoid of evidence.

This has been hard on the print and TV and NPR presstitutes, who instead of actually investigating the Russiagate charges, served the FBI and the Democrats as a propaganda ministry preaching to the deceived American public the unfounded charges as if they were absolute truth...

CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox News, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post have lied so much that it is a comment on the insouciance and stupidity of the shrinking number of Americans who still rely on them....


The Russiagate Players Got Rich and Escaped Consequences - Nobody went to jail, hardly anyone lost their jobs, some cashed in, by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag, 17 May 2023: "Justice will not be served... The lack of any meaningful consequences means that Russiagate will happen again.."

Weaponized DOJ SHUT DOWN Clinton Foundation ‘Investigation’ as Trump Left Office, Biden’s FBI Destroyed All Evidence, Geller Report 23 May 2023.

Democrats Believe The FBI Works For Them, Federalist, 24 May 2023.

Did the FBI actually try to get Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller killed?, Bare Naked Islam, 22 May 2023:

You might recall the 2015 “Draw Mohammed Cartoon Contest” in Texas where armed Muslim terrorists showed up and tried to kill the organizers of the event – Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller of the Geller Report. The FBI had been informed about the threat to the event, but were nowhere to be found when the terrorists showed up. If not for private security hired for the event, Spencer and Geller and many more people there might have been killed.