The Federal Government Bought A Border Fence…For A Country Nearly 6,000 Miles Away

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IJ Review
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16 August 2014
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National News
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In April, U.S. policymakers authorized a Crisis Support Package for Ukraine. While the White House had previously released information on what the package would cover, it wasn’t until Thursday that the government published a report detailing how the U.S. would help fund a project for a border fence to help separate Ukraine and Crimea.

From, here is a screenshot of the contract awarded [see original article]...

In addition, the order specifies that it will take care of the cost of 2,500 spools of concertina wire. The purpose of concertina wire is to prevent the passage of humans and animals.

Sure, there may be a border crisis in Ukraine, but we have one here at home as well...

Lawmakers chose to help Ukraine with their border security as a preventive measure with Crimea. We can only ask that they afford us the same courtesy with our border, here at home.