Federal judge orders Denver to comply with ICE subpoenas at city jails

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City loses first round in court in ongoing feud with federal immigration agency
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Denver Post
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22 April 2020
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Colorado News
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A federal judge on Monday ordered Denver to comply with subpoena requests issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, potentially ending a months-long feud between the city and the federal agency.
The Denver Sheriff Department in January refused to comply with administrative subpoenas issued by ICE that sought information on several people who had been held in jail and who had entered the country illegally. ICE’s move to subpoena the sheriff’s department was unprecedented — the first time it had ever subpoenaed a law enforcement agency — and a process ICE said it turned to as a last resort to force Denver’s cooperation.
United States Magistrate Judge Michael Hegarty sided with ICE in his Monday ruling, affirming that the agency has the authority to issue the subpoenas and that the sheriff department must give ICE up-to-date information on the men’s home and work addresses, emergency contacts and bonds....