Feds Release 7,173 More Illegals in Three Weeks

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Tony Lee
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16 August 2014
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National News
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The federal government released 7,173 more illegal immigrant [alien] juveniles into the United States from July 7 to July 31st, according to updated data from the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

During those three weeks, Alabama received 108 more illegal immigrants; California,, 759; Florida 628; Georgia, 258; Louisiana, 204; North Carolina, 373; New Jersey, 237; New York, 897; Texas, 1,000.

The federal government has now released 37,477 illegal immigrant juveniles [Unaccompanied Alien Children] detained at the U.S.-Mexico border this year. They had released 30,304 as of July 7.

Since October of last year, there have been at least 60,000 illegal immigrant [alien] juveniles who have been apprehended at the border, and federal officials expect nearly 150,000 more will be detained in the next fiscal year. According to Pew Research, nearly 90% of the illegal immigrant [alien] juveniles who have been detained in the last two years have been teenagers...

Here are the updated numbers, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Alabama 515
Alaska 5
Arizona 203
Arkansas 209
California 3,909
Colorado 263...


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