Few scheduled gain licenses under Colorado's immigrant license law

Article author: 
Jesse Paul
Article publisher: 
The Denver Post
Article date: 
12 August 2014
Article category: 
Colorado News
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After seven days, less than one-third of those who had appointments for Colorado's new driver's license program for those in the country illegally were issued licenses, according to the Colorado Department of Vehicles.

Of the 1,085 who had appointments, 28 percent received licenses.

While the department has not yet compiled data on why applicants were not issued documents, reasons could include that they did not pass the written driving test, they didn't have the correct documents or their documents were not translated into English, a standard across department services ...

Roughly 10 percent of those scheduled were no-shows, while another 420 didn't receive a license and were not — as also allowed under the new law — issued a driver's permit or an identification card. In addition to those issued licenses, 79 have been issued driver's permits and 87 identification cards ...

Colorado has a population of roughly 150,000 living in the country illegally who could be eligible for the licenses ...

The [illegal alien] immigrant community and Latino activists have criticized the lack of DMV offices that offer the new licenses ...