The Fightback Against Critical Race Theory

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American parents have had enough of this divisive ideology being imposed on their kids.
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Sean Collins, Spiked
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Lew Rockwell
Article date: 
10 July 2021
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National News
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Across the US, parents are protesting against the implementation of new school lessons informed by critical race theory (CRT). Videos of parents passionately speaking up in opposition at school-board meetings have gone viral. At a recent meeting, the school board in Loudoun County, Virginia, heard a range of criticisms. ‘You’re teaching children to hate others because of their skin colour’, said retired senator Dick Black. Xi Van Fleet, a woman who survived the Cultural Revolution in Mao’s China, said the CRT lessons, with their emphasis on personal guilt, reminded her of those dark days....

Media commentary on the parents’ protests has been dismissive and condescending....

Mothers and fathers have seen the lessons their kids are bringing home in their backpacks. Many of them got a closer look as their kids did their school work at home during the pandemic....

What often takes parents aback is the scope of CRT in schools....


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