Finally, light at the end of the amnesty tunnel

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Ccommon sense is breaking through the fog with GOP
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Tom Tancredo
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World Net Daily
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15 March 2014
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National News
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The past year has been hard on Republican cheerleaders for amnesty legislation. Now comes a new Gallup Poll that puts an end to any pretense of intelligent political calculation behind the Republican establishment’s endorsement of the amnesty agenda.

It was only a year ago that the Republican establishment was enthralled by the so-called bi-partisan “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill, which grants legal status to 15 million illegal aliens and sets them on a path to eventual citizenship. That scenario ended in Sen. Rubio’s repudiation of the deal, followed by backroom congressional maneuvers to plan amnesty by stealth in 2014.

Well, amnesty by stealth is also on the rocks, despite Zuckerberg’s millions, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce drumbeat..

... Suddenly, common sense is breaking through the fog of self-delusion that has led the Republican establishment down so many blind alleys.

After Obama got 75 percent of Hispanic votes to Romney’s 23 percent in the 2012 presidential election, the debate over immigration reform ceased to be a policy debate about what is good for the country and became a cynical argument over only one thing: “How to win Hispanic votes.” Inside the Beltway, throughout 2013 the Republican establishment was in a panic, and they bought the “amnesty solution” hook, line and sinker.

The new Gallup Poll exposes the shallowness of establishment thinking about the Hispanic vote. The evidence was there all along if the had bothered to do their homework and look at the 40-year history of Hispanic voting for Democratic presidential candidates. Hispanics have been voting for Democrats by 2-to-1 margins or greater for decades, and that pattern has nothing to do with immigration policy...



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