The Five Burning Questions of This Election Season

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The Democratic Party’s platform consists of the exploitation of public COVID-19 hysteria, the creation of lawless urban chaos, Marxist economic redistribution,
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Conrad Black
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American Greatness
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24 July 2020
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National News
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The presidential election result is now down to five questions.

  • Can the president override the Democratic media’s thunderous campaign to terrorize the country over the coronavirus?
  • Can the president successfully connect Joe Biden’s campaign to the hooligans, anti-white racists, and urban guerrillas who effectively are being encouraged by the corrupt Democratic mayors of many of the nation’s largest cities?
  • Will the economic recovery and the decline in the unemployment generated by the COVID-19 shutdown continue at its recent pace and strengthen the economy as a pro-Trump electoral argument?
  • Will the Republicans make adequately clear to the country the authoritarian and Marxist implications of the Biden-Sanders unity document?
  • Will special counsel John Durham indict senior members of the Obama Administration over their handling of the spurious allegation of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government in the 2016 election and Justice Department violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and how will Biden himself come through it?

Trump’s Coronavirus Record

He has a very defensible record in his handling of COVID-19, was prescient in restricting direct air travel from China and Europe to the United States (which the Democrats opposed), and cooperated even with governors who had been extremely antagonistic prior to the pandemic. He sought and accepted the guidance of leading epidemiologists in taking drastic measures to “flatten the curve,” and he showed evident executive ability in quickly developing world-leading coronavirus testing capacity and supplying essential equipment throughout the country. 
Trump has been represented as cavalier about the virus itself—a perception problem that has arisen due to his efficient response and move to reopen the economy more quickly than the Democrats, who had hoped that they could prolong the shutdown until the election in order to blame the president for the resulting economic depression....

... that 90 percent of the national political media will go to extraordinary lengths to deny the president credit for anything....

The Democratic pantomime of posing as the chief enemies of the coronavirus rather than its political beneficiary, and as the authors of emergency job or replacement schemes more remunerative than work itself cannot last much longer....

There is no need until after Labor Day to paint too vividly the implications of the “progressive” unity agreement between presumptive Democratic nominee Biden and Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders. It should be a strong argument in September and October, especially the intended elimination of the oil, gas, and coal industries and their 7 million jobs, the destruction of the southern border wall the president has been building, the reopening of the United States to unlimited illegal entry, the enactment of a substantial part of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s infamous $52 trillion healthcare plan, sharp income tax increases and likely a wealth tax. 
Important to note, too, is their intentional strangling of the American ethos of self-advancement through hard work and merit as well as their push for the destruction of independent schools in order to reinforce the monopoly of the strictly Democratic teachers’ unions....