Fmr AG Jeff Sessions: Vote-by-Mail a ‘Huge Threat to Democracy' - ‘They’ll Pass This Over My Dead Political Body’

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Jeff Poor
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30 April 2020
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National News
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Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions argues if the push to use federal power to require voting by mail as an election offering is successful, it could threaten democracy in the United States.
During a telephone town hall with the Tuscaloosa County, AL Republican Party, Sessions, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, explained how changing the election process would be a deviation from American traditions.
“That is a huge threat to democracy,” he said. “It is unthinkable that Congress would agree to such a demand, and if they stand firm, the Democrats will have to back down, for sure. Only if they weakened, could that be successful. Look, historically Election Day was a day that in every hamlet, village, farm and city people went to a polling place on the same day and they cast ballots. Then people decided if you were sick or if you were out of town, you should be able to vote absentee ballot.”
“The ideal of all of the nation gathering on a given day to decide the future of elected official is an important American value,” Sessions continued. “What the Democrats would do, ideally they’re saying they want to close polling places and send out ballots by mail. So, if your brother Billy is not here, or your mother passed away, or somebody has dementia — these ballots can be sent to a home, and anybody can cast them and send them in. People can intercept ballots if they are voting for someone who is not legal.”
"... If I’m in the Senate, they’ll pass this over my dead political body. I’m telling you — this is a fight that cannot be lost, and must not be lost.”