Former Border Patrol Agents: 'It's a Manufactured Crisis'

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Kristin Tate
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24 June 2014
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National News
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A tidal wave of immigrants [illegal aliens] entering the U.S. illegally each day has caused a dire situation which officials have called a "humanitarian crisis." But not everyone agrees with that label. "This is a manufactured crisis, not a humanitarian crisis," Zack Taylor,  Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), told Breitbart Texas. 
Breitbart Texas obtained a June 23 NAFBPO press release in which the Obama Administration was blamed for the spike in illegal immigration.
"The present invasion of thousands of unaccompanied minors is the obvious desired result of the current administration, the United States Senate that passed S-744, and every other elected official in the United States that has not stood up and demanded that the immigration laws of the United States be fully enforced," the press release stated. 
It continued, "This is not a humanitarian crisis, this is a manufactured crisis. Any media outlet that calls this a humanitarian crisis is concealing what is actually happening. This is the result of American leaders taking America into a lawless state over time and this latest invasion by opportunistic law breakers is a direct result of their actions. Period." ...
"The idea that they're fleeing violence is false," Taylor said. "If children fled violence on their own, there would be no teenagers in Chicago."...
"There is only one solution that will turn the tide toward safeguarding America," the NAFBPO press release concluded. "That solution is a total effort by the United States Active Duty Military to ensure that every single one of these law breakers are returned to their country of origin as expeditiously as possible .... There is no other solution that will benefit America. The onslaught on our nation must not only cease, the incentives to violate our borders must be totally removed. There must be consequences to the lawbreakers. Anything less is a stalling tactic and will encourage more illegal immigration. This is not just another of the administration's manufactured crises, this time the Republic hangs in the balance."