Freeloaders of the World Notice America’s Borders Are Wide Open

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Brenda Walker
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Limits to Growth
Article date: 
2 May 2019
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Our American Future
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For a while, the invasion of America consisted mostly of people from Central America, who carried their national flags as they marched on their object of conquest....

Now word has gotten out that America is back to being a soft touch, despite all Donald Trump’s tough talk that scared them off at first — there was a substantial drop in illegal border crossers in the first months of the Trump administration.

But as the news spreads of America’s border weakness, marauding job thieves are coming from around the world, illustrated very well by a Cameroonian man interviewed on Fox News on Tuesday....

REPORTER GRIFF JENKINS: I’m about 25 miles north of the Guatemala-Mexico border in the town of Tapachula; it’s been the stop for the caravans since they started coming. But one thing is very different and that is the word that our borders are open, that catch and release will let you stay in America, has gone global. We’ve run into migrants from Africa, from India, from Bangladesh, from Haiti, from Cuba. And we’ve only been here for about 24 hours.

We spoke to one gentleman, Saffa Sedhu (sp?) is his name, from Cameroon. Here is how he got here — this is unbelievable:

SAFFA SEDHU: I’m from Cameroon, and my journey started from Cameroon to Nigeria, from Nigeria to Turkey, from Turkey to Colombia, from Colombia to Panama, from Panama to Ecuador, from Ecuador I start coming by boats, I take by boat from Colombia to Capurgana. From Capurgana I had to walk in the jungle to Panama. When I arrived in Panama, I walk from camp to camp. I left Panama for Costa Rica. From Costa Rica to Nicaragua to Honduras, from Honduras to Guatemala, from Guatemala to Mexico now.

JENKINS: The goal is the same for all of them — to get to the US.

Now this, just to give you a quick shot, is the shelter where — remember the end of last week — 1300 migrants escaped from here because Mexico is detaining the migrants in these shelters. It’s overcrowded — if you look out here, these are the folks who couldn’t even get in, and they’re sleeping in the street. It’s obviously still late here, but the challenge now is that the makeup of these caravan flows is not just the Central Americans from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and to lesser extent, Nicaragua.

    Now it’s just a mix of people from all over the planet and this is obviously why ICE, CBP and others are putting a lot of resources, more resources, on the border we’re learning to particularly combat that fake family unit. We’ve been talking to the immigration officials here to try and find out if they’re doing anything here in Mexico to try and expose fraudulent family units as well.

The Cameroonian who was interviewed (pictured below) appears to be a healthy, moderately intelligent young man — why isn’t he working at home to build his own country instead of mooching off America? Instead of being a patriot in his homeland, he spent a lot of time and money to be a thief in a foreign country where he is not wanted.

Multiply him by a million this year, and it’s not only a disaster for the US as we are increasingly seen as the world’s welfare office, but the Third World countries are being abandoned by their own people.
That’s no way to run a planet that has over 7.7  billion human residents today, with no sign of slowing down.

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