GA About To Turn Blue Because Of Immigration

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Why Are Gov. Brian Kemp, GOP Elite (Except For Sen. Perdue) Asleep?
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Washington Watcher II
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5 May 2020
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Our American Future
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Georgia is about turn blue because of immigration. Yet Peach State Republican elites are in denial. The exception: Sen. David Perdue, above, who recently uttered the unutterable in GOP ruling class circles: Demographics will doom the party. One small proof: A GOP poll has Trump leading Joe Biden by just one point in a formerly solid red state [Internal GOP poll points to troubling signs for Georgia Republicans, by Greg Bluestein, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, May 1, 2020]. But the Stupid Party seems wedded to the crazy idea that inside every immigrant is a Republican waiting to get out.

“The demographic moves against us,” Perdue told supporters in a leaked off-the-record phone call  late last week [GOP senator gives activists grim 2020 assessment amid fears over holding Senate, by Alex Rogers and Manu Raju, CNN, April 29, 2020].

Perdue’s dark prognosis is based on cold, hard facts—those stubborn things that GOP elites ignore....

Unsurprisingly, Democrats eagerly champion the demographic change. Once immigration drives enough whites from the state and the bitter-enders are outnumbered, it’s over for the Party of Trump....

...  in a state with more than 1 million unemployment claims in a month, if Republicans attack legal and illegal immigration and the jobs those aliens take from Americans, they can turn it around.

The Georgia GOP has no choice. Embrace immigration patriotism or die.