Gallup Poll: Hispanics Favor Democrats 2 to 1

Article author: 
Gary North
Article publisher: 
The Tea Party Economist
Article date: 
10 August 2013
Article category: 
National News
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Hispanics in the U.S. identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party over the Republican Party by about a 2-to-1 margin, regardless of whether they were U.S.-born. Hispanics born outside the U.S. do have slightly less attachment to either party, and are more likely to be politically independent, but these differences do little to alter the basic underlying advantage Democrats enjoy across the entire Hispanic population...

These results are from Gallup’s Minority Rights and Relations survey conducted June 13-July 5, 2013, and are based on interviews with 1,000 Hispanics. Overall, 51% of Hispanic adults interviewed in the survey were born outside of the U.S. Another 20% of Hispanic respondents were born in the U.S., but one or both of their parents were born outside of the U.S., and 29% say that they and both of their parents are U.S.-born.