The George Floyd, Jr. Narrative Unraveled - The Whole Story Was a Lie

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We live in a country governed by the rule of narrative
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We live in a country governed by the rule of narrative
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Roger Kimball
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American Greatness
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21 December 2023
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National News
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I wonder what Derek Chauvin is thinking these days?

He’s the former Minneapolis cop who became the Scapegoat Number One after George Floyd - sorry, St. George Floyd - died from a Fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest in May 2020.

As all the world knows, that is not how The Narrative tells it...

“Murdered,” eh?..

Well, that’s what we were told...

Back in 2021, Derek Chauvin, along with three of his police colleagues, were offered up as sacrificial lambs by Minneapolis prosecutors. Chauvin was slapped with federal and well as state convictions and, as I write, is rotting in an Arizona prison for the murder of Floyd...

Alas for The Narrative, a large wrench has just been thrown into the works. The wrench itself was fabricated by Amy Sweasy, a former prosecutor in Hennepin County where Chauvin and his unfortunate colleagues were tried. But the fuel that hurled the wrench was provided by that indispensable public servant, Tucker Carlson...

Here, for example, is Alpha News, with the eyebrow-raising headline “Court docs reveal ‘extreme’ public pressure on prosecutors in George Floyd case.”...

Watch Tucker Carlson unpack the episode together with the writer Vince Everett Ellison. The bottom line? “It turns out the whole George Floyd story was a lie.”..


Video: The Truth About George Floyd's Death: Liz Collin, Epoch Times, 16 December 2023:

"It wasn't so much what the jury was allowed to see, but what they were not. We even talked about this body camera footage—this is about an 18 minute interaction with George Floyd that day. It's 90 seconds in the end that the jury is allowed to see in trial."

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