George Soros: Singlehandedly Destroying American Criminal Justice

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What happens when justice is subverted by a radical billionaire financier?
Article author: 
John Dempsey
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Frontpage Mag
Article date: 
5 August 2022
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National News
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Crime is rapidly rising in major American cities, primarily where liberal District Attorney's (DA) received large sums of money from liberal billionaire George Soros in their election campaigns. Many of these DAs take it upon themselves to dismiss charges for various reasons – whether it is income, racial, or status based, ignoring the law. Liberal George Soros DAs, like any other politician, do what their largest donor wants them to do. In the case of American criminal justice, we see what George Soros wants: criminals who get away with crime and victims who never see justice....

 But what happens when the justice system is made a mockery by a liberal billionaire donor such as Soros? Simple: There will be no justice system, and society will start to crumble. 

Soros is perhaps the godfather of woke criminal justice reform. He has also dolled out tens of millions of dollars into district attorney races. The candidates he supports are primarily in large left-wing cities, and we are starting to see the fruits of his labor in crime spikes. Violent crime is rising at an unprecedented rate, and Soros is primarily to blame, whether he accepts reality or not....

The reality is that crime is spiking in major American cities where Soros is responsible for donating enough money to get progressive, light-on-law prosecutors elected; however, citizens are starting to realize the damage of progressive prosecutors....


Tucker Carlson takes on George Soros, Vlad Tepes blog, 6 August 2022:


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Goes To War With Globalist George Soros, RAIR Foundation, 5 August 2022:

On Thursday night’s broadcast, Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised Florida Governor Ron Desantis’ purge of George “Soros-backed” Florida state attorney Andrew Warren. Carlson was addressing DeSantis’ Thursday morning announcement that the left-wing state attorney would be suspended, effective immediately, for failing to enforce the state’s laws. DeSantis is the first governor to use his state constitutional authority to remove a left-wing political activist prosecutor. ...