Good News For Patriots—No DACA Deal Likely. Time For Trump To Take Offensive

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Washington Watcher
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26 February 2018
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National News
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Things are looking good for immigration patriots on Capitol Hill. The Senate failed to pass Amnesty. The only immigration bill with serious momentum in the House is the Goodlatte bill, which is relatively acceptable to (most) immigration patriots because it comes with real control measures. And President Trump has not cucked. Now, it’s time for him to take the next step—support a serious legislative effort to put enforcement first, and make it an issue in the mid-term election.
Washington Watcher has repeated this message over and over these past few weeks, but the pattern is more obvious than ever. Congress is unlikely to pass a permanent fix to DACA before the mid-terms. Lawmakers are too divided to compromise and the White House is sticking to a plan that Democrats refuse to accept, resulting in an insurmountable impasse. For immigration patriots, this is a good thing....
The onus is on Democrats to change their stance and accept Trump’s demands if they want a permanent DACA fix. And that’s highly unlikely to happen. Even though Democrats should know the abolishment of chain migration won’t happen for another 15 years under Trump’s plan, they continue to insist the president’s offer is a “campaign to make America white again.”...
Besides a symbolic vote on the Goodlatte bill, the only other option for Congress is to mimic its behavior on budget bills and pass a temporary extension on DACA [Congress weighs leaving Dreamers in limbo another year, by Seung Min Kim, Politico, February 5, 2018]. This has a very high chance of passage....
But immigration patriots should take heart from Congress’ utter inability to pass Amnesty. Trump’s insistence on his own bad plan has turned out to be a paradoxical godsend for National Conservatives, who want absolutely no Amnesty. Democrats’ outright opposition to it and Trump’s refusal to consider any other option ensured no DACA fix has made it out of the Senate....
The next step for Trump: adopt the Goodlatte bill and bully Republicans into campaigning on it....