GOP Amnesty Plan Ignores Will of Republican Voters

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Judicial Watch
Article date: 
30 January 2014
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National News
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With the midterm elections looming, House Republicans are discounting their constituents’ wishes by crafting a measure to give illegal immigrants legal status, a chance at permanent U.S. residency and even American citizenship...

This could be costly come November. A recent national poll conducted by Judicial Watch and Breitbart revealed that a full 71% of Republicans support enforcing immigration laws with just 21% in favor of changing them. The survey also determined that a plurality of Americans (49%) believe the U.S. should enforce current immigration laws and that they expect illegal immigrants to return to their homes rather than changing the law to provide legal status for the ones already here.

The same poll, released in late December, also showed that 51% of Americans either “strongly oppose” or “somewhat oppose” sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens by prohibiting police from enforcing federal immigration laws. Even among demographics more likely than average to favor sanctuary policies, the plurality still want federal immigration laws enforced, the JW survey found. For example, although 41% of Hispanics favor sanctuary policies, 46% still oppose them...