GOP Rallying to Save Obama’s Secret Trade Deal

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Mike Flynn
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Article date: 
7 May 2015
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National News
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...Securing the “fast track” authority to finalize a new trade deal, covering 40 percent of America’s exports, is a top priority for the Obama White House. The agreement, named the Trans-Pacific Partnership, would set new rules for America’s economic relations with Asia.

Under “fast track” authority, the administration could negotiate the final terms of the deal and the final treaty would only be subject to an up or down vote by Congress. The final provisions agreed to by Obama could not be altered.
Similar authority has been granted to Presidents in the past, from both parties, who have generally used new trade deals to benefit the American economy. It apparently bears repeating, however, that President Obama’s conception of his executive powers differs markedly from past Presidents...
Only members of Congress can even look at the broad outlines of the deal and they have to do this in a specially-designated room. They aren’t allowed to make copies or take notes. They actually have to surrender any notes they take after looking over the proposed deal.
Both progressive Robert Reich and conservative Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) have criticized what they claim is in the agreement. Both have echoed calls to make the deal public...
The details of this specific deal matter. The public is witnessing Republican leaders ignoring their past complaints about President Obama and striving to award him sweeping new executive powers.
What is in the Trans-Pacific Partnership that warrants such a remarkable reversal of their positions? For some debates, you have to “show your work.” Republican leaders and members owe this to the American public.

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