The Great Betrayal of American Democracy

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The American people will have their chance to hold Joe Biden and his party accountable in November.
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Christopher Schorr
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American Greatness
Article date: 
7 May 2022
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Our American Future
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The Biden Administration is aiding and abetting an invasion of the United States. 

Let’s review the facts. As a candidate, Biden precipitated the crisis with several campaign promises: 

  • Amnesty and citizenship 
  • Halting construction of the southern border wall 
  • Suspending deportations
  • Abandoning successful asylum fraud prevention efforts like the “Remain in Mexico” policy and “safe third country” agreements with Central American nations....

Last month, Biden announced his plan to end Title 42, a public health authority under which 1.8 million migrants have been turned away at the border....

Biden has determined that displacing Americans with foreigners is in the long-term interest of his party. No other explanation makes sense....

... polling and elections confirmed impressive GOP gains with black and Latino voters. The Democratic coalition is fracturing, and a multiethnic, working-class Republican coalition is rising to take its place....

The Democrats’ simple solution to their voter problem is to flood the country with millions of poor immigrants and bet on future amnesty and citizenship to replenish their ranks....

The Great Betrayal of American Democracy 

...  Article IV of the Constitution requires the federal government to defend the states from invasion. Article II requires the president to faithfully execute the laws....

By violating the Constitution and prioritizing foreigners over Americans, Biden has broken the social contract and betrayed the American people....

 The American people will have their chance to hold Biden and his party accountable in November and in the ensuing months when impeachment is on the table. For the sake of American sovereignty and self-determination, let’s hope they do.